Saturday, January 14, 2012

black magic

le muse sweater

It's pretty obvious when you look around my little corner of the internet that I am not a very good fashion blogger. This blog started as more of a way to keep scraps of my life in one place and to promote my illustration work, but it's evolved to reflect my many interests - and yes, one of those things is fashion, but it gets thoroughly mixed in with everything else. 

As such, I never expected to be one of those fabulous ladies who gets to style fabulous pieces of clothing sent to them by fabulous companies. So imagine my surprise when something just like that happened! CraftFields is a collection of Lithuanian artists who have interesting and adorable products to sell to you! When their founder, Monika, contacted me and asked me if I'd like to pick out an item to review I obviously jumped on the chance... there are just so many adorable things to choose from! But I wanted a challenge - and when I laid my eyes on this night blue jazz sweater from the cuties at Le Muse I knew I had found it.
le muse sweater

My style doesn't normally stray into the land of structured pieces, so I wanted to give it a shot. The sweater has what could almost be described as an avant-guarde construction, but once I put it on and played around with it for a bit I felt mysterious and oh so warm! This baby is made of felted wool AND is lined, it kept me toasty even when we ventured out into the snowy tundra to take some photos.If I had been feeling less adventurous I might have picked up this black sensuality muse dress instead, but I'm glad I took a chance!
le muse sweaterle muse sweater
sweater: night blue (it's very dark blue, which is why it looks black in the photos) jazz sweater, c/o craft fields
belt: vintage (from mom <3<3<3)
jeans: forever21
boots: nine west

It was so so soooo much fun to shoot these photos (credit goes to Bryan), and a big thanks to Monika, the girls at Le Muse, and the talented Rhea O'Connor for recommending me!


  1. My Lithuanian friend is their representative here in Copenhagen! I'm still trying to decide what pieces to get, the fabrics and the drape is so lovely. Love this sweater/outfit!

  2. @Elaina oh funny! They didn't have as many options when I picked the sweater - I'm dying over those adorable bow ties now. Can't wait to see what you pick!

  3. Emma, you look fabulous - love the red lips & dark sweater match!

    Wishes from Monika ;)

  4. OHHHHHHH I LOVE IT. I really love it, and I also totally love that first picture of you in the snow with the tree behind you...?!?! Adorable! And I think you even capture the way you mentioned that it makes you feel sort of dark and mysterious. I mayyyy have to borrow it sometime!

  5. That first photo is so lovely! You definitely chose a perfect piece, it looks great on you.