Thursday, August 23, 2012


I doodle a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Are you having an extended phone conversation with me? I am probably doodling. Did you pass by me waiting for someone in a coffee shop? I am probably doodling. Am I saving a large file at work and it's taking forever? I'm probably doodling. Generally it helps me focus, and sometimes it saves my sanity! It's nice to rest my brain and just fart somethin' out real quick onto paper.

You'll see a lot of ladies with long flowing locks and messes of flowers, because those are my favorite things to draw. Sometimes it gets funny, and when I particularly like a doodle I'll save it... which has lead to me owning a lot of little scraps of paper.

Look, here are some recent faves, with a little bit of Photoshop touching up, because I can.

this is a bigg'un

General laments.

I was inspired to draw a snake after I saw Celine Loup's amazing Snake Awareness Day poster!
Did anyone else read The Song of Roland in high school? I always thought the mysterious "AOI" was sort of funny and sort of creepy.


  1. I always love your drawings. I can't believe these are just your doodles. SO talented! Our Lady of Office blanket made me laugh out loud (I never LOL).

  2. uuuggghh you are so good. these are so good.

  3. EMMA. Can I just say that the lady doodle up above with the gradient linework is wayyyyy inspiring me. I am in love with it! I would love a tattoo that is similar to that. Also, of course all of you other doodles are adorable too. Especially Psychic Emma is Psychic. Still love that one!!!