Thursday, January 10, 2013

present & past

comfy gifts
So I had a holiday photo post planned, but then I got my photos back from the lab and they were pretty much all a bust - my fault, admittedly. Too many low light situations and a stubborn finger on the "no flash" button, my friends. New Years resolution: better photos!

Instead we're going to talk about PRESENTS. I know, incredibly self indulgent. But hey, it was Christmas AND my birthday in December.... so... I'll do what I want!

The J. Crew sweatpants and flannel robe (above) have both been on heavy rotation, along with coffee in my mug from Leif. My amazing mother tracked down a few of these mugs when they were OUT OF STOCK, by the way. She is truly a wizard of presents. But seriously, also, the sweat pants are amazing. I'm becoming a person who is considering wearing her sweatpants out in public. Don't worry, concerned friends, I haven't actually done it yet.

Some smaller items, in photo form...

a) new film camera from my darling aunt, uncle & cousins - can't wait to see if the film turns out!  

b) most amazing chunky cowl (via Anytime Scarf) from the boy's parents, I've been wearing it nonstop.

c) ceramic soy sauce buddy from my brother and his lady.

d) new Pikamo wallet from my parents (thanks for the recommendation, motherland!)

e) new preciouses from WORLD OF ROCKS ahhhhh seriously, if you're ever in Ypsilanti Michigan PLEASE go to this store. The ladies there are amazing and it is a wonderland of gemz.

What are your most favorite new additions, if you're a december holiday present person?


  1. I've been wanting one of those cameras since forever! maybe this year I'll just suck it up and get one. And that cowl looks amazing.

    My presents were few but amazing - a Michael Kors leather tote bag from my husband and a red leather, studded michael kors wallet to match/go with it! I also got a new e-reader to replace my 1st generation dinasour.

    They're my new fave presents.

  2. LOVE that cowl, maybe I'll try to knit myself one so I can feel cool. I got a nice new backpack for my trip to Europe and it is green and lovely. Makes me excited to go!

  3. I love your drawings!!!
    And your presents are so cool!, i
    self indulgent too, my birthday also is in December.^__^

  4. Oh dont feel too self-indulgent, lady. I too, am planning an xmas gifts/favorite things blog post! AND it was your birthday too! So you have a real excuse!

    ALSO, I am so jealous that your mom found those Leif mugs! I love them so much!!! But I suppose I shouldnt complain, I totally bought those ceramic baby mugs at the thrift store awhile bag to fill my tiny mug void. I think its working...


  5. Looks like some good gifts you've got there! I hope you've been enjoying them :) Love that wallet, such a great color!