Monday, April 15, 2013

signs of life

After another whirlwind weekend (space parties and amazing estate sales oh my) I've just got a few fun programming notes.

First up... FIRST AVE! My font got the super size treatment for a billboard (complete with giant coffee cup) that was placed atop world famous downtown Minneapolis concert venue First Avenue. This place has hosted about five million amazing concerts AND you can see it in Purple Rain. I was, understandably, very excited to go give the billboard a looksee.

Speaking of First Ave, I'm going to see James Blake there at the beginning of May! Have you listened to his new album? So good so goooooood.

Last but not at all least, let's talk about Miserable & Worthless. This awesomely named zine comes from MCAD alumni Tuesday Bassen and her buddy Lyndsay Eyth and is chock full of lady art... including a piece from me! Seriously, pre-order this bad boy while you still can. I can't wait to get mine in the mail!

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