Sunday, April 21, 2013


When I was little my brother and cousins and I would play "Dragon School", which was a thinly veiled excuse to write up tiny report cards and organize office materials for our fictitious school for dragons. My love of school supplies and brightly colored yet simple products has carried on throughout my life... and right into the estate sale of an ENTIRE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL a few weekends ago.

Picture it. Gym supplies, science supplies (beakers!), maps, globes, EVERYTHING. So a whole bunch of us (including Alli & John) got ourselves down to the sale to grab some numbers and go nuts. I zeroed in on the geology samples right away and got myself a most excellent sample of rocks, all named and organized neatly in what appears to be a small box covered in gift wrap. Don't worry, I have plans to mount these babies in a shadow box or somesuch business.

I tried to limit myself otherwise, since our apartment is so small... but I did walk away with a giant bag of paper flowers (currently waiting for their fate in our storage unit) and a great little book on gems. Since I didn't want to take home too much else, I settled on photographing all the great covers I found after a quick jaunt around the library. Here are my faves:

p.s. in case you don't follow me on instagram and didn't see my photo of that bottom right book: I hereby claim Spice and the Devil's Cave as my band name.


  1. Spice and The Devil's Fate is THE BEST band name ever! Can I sing backup/play the tambourine???

  2. Fate?? I meant Cave?!? Although... I think I like Devil's FATE better! Ahaha!