Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend update

Hey buds! My bestest pattern pal Katie has been in town since last week, so I've been pushing the ol' bloggert to the side in order to work all day and play all night. Hopefully we'll be coming atcha soon with a new pattern! In the meantime, some weekend observations with references.

-If you talk about getting ID-ed at the Mall of America one day, you'll most certainly get carded the next time you go. Really, security guard lady? Do I seriously look 16 to you?
-I am only useful at pub trivia for very random questions. Example: An 8 letter curved sword? Scimitar, duh.
-Noshed at the following places, all of them delicious: Grand Central, The Italian Pie Shoppe, Mojo Monkey, Bar Abilene, (ruby tuesdays..)
-Thanks to Harvey Danger for aiding me in my most successful karaoke performance yet

And, finally, because I can't turn down any sort of game with adorable customizable animal characters that you can buy clothes and furniture for.... I started playing LINEplay. It's fully nerdy and yes.. possibly a little furry-esque BUT ITS SO CUTE I honestly don't care.

My little rabbit/raccoon girl is up there, bein' her cute ambiguous animal self. If you're interested in playing download and use this little code to get some free gems for you and me: EW-3243-2502



  1. I read that entirely in Seth Meyers voice in my head.

  2. haha, this would be the most boring episode of SNL ever!