Thursday, November 29, 2012


Well you didn't think November would end without a Thanksgiving post, did you? I've done one almost every year! Thanksgiving is a biiiig deal in my (large) family, and the sheer amount of food produced to feed the 18-24 folks that normally show up is monumental. My personal favorite bite is a little bit of turkey and mashed potato with a BIG helping of my mom's uh-maze-ing cranberry orange relish.

And, since there are so many of us, many games are played. This year's hits included Blockus (which I won both times, thankyouverymuch), Cards Against Humanity and the three classics: Poker, Euchre, and FOURSQUARE. We take our foursquare seriously, and let's be honest: it's the only exercise I got all weekend. Otherwise it's just eating, drinking, and quite a bit of karaoke-ing. What else could a girl ask for? Oh, some photos from my phone? OKAY.

foursquare time / 666 / jake goes back for seconds / pickled peppers on the back porch

And now, of course, my mind is already turning to Christmas. I know a lot of people don't like how early the holiday stuff comes out in stores these days... but I guess I sort of don't mind! Parties and food and lots of gold and white and blue and red? Sounds like a good time to me. Now, someone help me make a wreath.

wreath inspiration on my parent's porch / my beloved martha stewart christmas tree - this might be its last year, the branches are yellowing.

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