Saturday, January 15, 2011



For some reason I kept thinking "New Years resolutions. They're so lame, I don't need to do THOSE this year".... and then, as if in an act of defiance for being such a weirdo, my brain started coming up with them. So I actually don't think they're lame at all.

.........and then I found five dollars!!!!

Without further ado, my list:
+floss more
+get another tattoo (sorry mom!)
+cook even more
+use new color palettes in my illustrations
+start taking film photos (I've already got two rolls of film to develop from my new holga!! NERVOUS)
+get fancier pajamas
+write a web comic about my alter ego, Moomie. Yes, this is actually a real thing that I actually want to do.
+make more art in general!!



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