Wednesday, July 20, 2011

skirting the issue

Thanks to the blogsphere and the long-reaching arm of the fashion industry, I am now in the market for something I never thought I would want: a longer skirt. Preferably: pastel or black, with pleats, looks good with flowy summer tops and espadrilles, and is under $50. With pockets.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

(stockholm streetstyle)


(collected blog, this one might be my favorite...)

(the satorialist)


  1. I've also been looking for something similar. I'm kicking myself because I used to have a pale pink skirt just like the first photo, but of course that was years ago. This one: "" by dutchdrift is PERFECT, except its too small. Happy hunting!

  2. I will keep my eye out for you at the thrift stores. I find a lot of longer pleated skirts when I go. Would you be a small or medium? :)

  3. Oh Erin, you're too sweet! I'm actually more of a medium to a large - depending on how stretchy the waist is.