Saturday, July 2, 2011



It was about a year ago that I got my beloved Droid Incredible and thus was ushered headfirst into the world of "I cannot be without my phone for too long, or I will shrivel up and die". It was total and complete love.

And then, two weeks ago, I dumped it for an iPhone. Don't hate me, Lil' Droidy! Soon you will have a good home, I promise. But for the time being I have to do the obligatory "I CAN TAKE THE PICTURES WITH THE IPHONE A HUR HUR" post. Look away, Droid. Look away.

Robert Palmerbeverage

boys, shoes.dreamcat

p.s. I'm using Cross Process - any other favorites from you fellow iPhoners?


  1. Wait till you see my pictures from the flea market last weekend!! IT WAS FABULOUS.

    Have fun today,


  2. instagram best photo app by far!! PS love the site..

  3. I love a good iPhone pic. I think in 20 years the next generation will talk about them like they're Polaroids!