Saturday, July 30, 2011

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St. PaulSt. Paul

While I've only lived in St. Paul for a few years, I already feel a strong connection to this lovely city. There's a lot of visible history - the old houses, some cobblestone streets, old pubs and the like.

St. Paul

St. Paul also has some amazing foodie experiences. The Happy Gnome, Cheeky Monkey, and (DANGER, obnoxious theme song on this website) La Cucaracha come to mind immediately... but my new excitement is the Wednesday Food Truck Court. I ventured downtown St. Paul this Wednesday and, after surveying my options, got some pulled pork tacos from The Chef Shack.

Oh em gee.

amazing tacos

They were amazing.

So thank you, St. Paul, for being great. As long as I live here I will continue to love you.


  1. omg. I saw that first picture and I was like I HOPE SHE GOT THE COOL SANDWICH. But then I realized it was 'cod'. Bless you, handwritten chalkboard sign.

  2. Everyone knows cod sandwiches are the coolest of them all!