Wednesday, October 9, 2013

pattern pals #7: halloweenie

 Phew! With the start of fall came a whirlwind of developments for me, the largest being a big on-site contract job that requires a somewhat lengthy commute. As such I've let this poor bloggie slip to the side, poor little thing!

No matter, Katie and I have plans, PLANS I TELL YOU - and one of them was to make a new pattern celebrating the spooky season. Here, take some freebie wallpapers of my haunted crow pattern:

ipad / iphone / tile

And I've got an almost all black everything spooktacular outfit to go along with it. Incidentally if anyone wants to buy me all these things I would be very thankful.


  1. beautiful! I love that shade of orange (and I am dying a thousand deaths because I will never own that sweater).