Saturday, March 23, 2013

random encounter

Hey blog! I've got a few fun things on my plate, hopefully soon they'll end up here. In the meantime I've got some RANDOM THINGS!!! to keep you company! We did a little dog sitting earlier in the week for an adorable little wiener dog named (get this) Emma. She was a wonderful guest, but this girl had the most amazing adorably sad sparkle eye thing going on. Even when she was happy HER EYES WERE FILLED WITH THE SADNESS OF A THOUSAND SOULS.

So clearly I made a gif of her.

Also I did a little piece for the adorable Inconnu magazine - for an article about YOUR FAVORITE PAIR OF JEANS. My favorite pair of jeans are super cheap forever21 jeans. The material is like tissue paper but dang do they make my butt look good.