Wednesday, August 15, 2012

film club

Domestic Partyship! lilli putt
Herrick the Lobster // Alli the PuttPutter

Film, film film, film photos. Go go FILM PHOTOS, tra la la. There, I wrote a song to accompany this set of photos from my camera. ENJOY.

Domestic Partyship!
Fire at the Domestic Partyship

hevy syrup
Did you know my bestie Chance is in an AMAZING BAND CALLED HEVY SYRUP?

cabin 2012
Bill friend, duck friends

guh bryan makes steak
Last morning in California // Bryan makes steak

Obligatory Cat Photo #1: Tadgh

Obligatory Cat Photo #2: Aoeife


  1. What camera were you shooting with?

  2. It is a very fancy Accura Zoom XB 70. And by fancy I mean no options for focusing, a confusing self timer and a pretty finicky auto flash.

    Look, here it is.. and apparently it's worth $50?!