Wednesday, March 4, 2009

meme memory

This game was going around on facebook for a few days, and some fun things came out of it! Basically what you do is go to Wikipedia's random article for the band name, take the last four or five words from a random quote here for your album title, and use the third photo on flickr's most interesting from the last seven days, and put it all together!

I like how these four look like they probably belong to the same snooty independent label. Creators in order of appearance: Bryan, David, Eric, and Me.


  1. OH MAN yours is my favorite, although they are ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. Great job everyone. (ps i love typography so much that sometimes I wish I were a graphic designer as well... sigh).

  2. im working on turning mine into a real band.....soon LRRC8E will rule the airwaves.