Wednesday, March 4, 2009

feeling good

How sweet is this video? I've always loved this song, and with this new type-y motion graphic-y element I love it even more (via black eiffel)

To even out the amount of (f)arts that're being posted here, some thoughts about fashion: I have been trying real hard to use all the willpower I ever had in order to NOT BUY CLOTHING. I haven't really gone shopping for two months, and have bought perhaps one or two items of clothing in this span. Because I am so dangerously addicted to retail therapy, I've predictably been going crazy because of this. Here are the things that I have almost bought before slapping myself on the wrist and quickly navigating away from the page:

-Very Parisian one piece bathing suit from gojane. Do these swimsuits ever flatter anyone? I must figure this out.
-Equestrian bag from fred flare. I feel like my red plaid bag (also from fred flare) really looks best in the wintertime, and I have never owned a classic bag like this before. The color, the stitching! I WANT.
-Heart purse from Forever21. This little guy is almost useless and completely frivolous, but I still want it. Also it is impossible to find on the website now, so I linked to a similar one.
-Painter's tank from Built by Wendy. I actually had to put my credit card back into my wallet for this one, because for today it's ONLY TEN DOLLARS. It just looks so simple and sweet. Go go go, the sample sale ends soon!

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