Saturday, September 13, 2008

a confession

I think it's time that I publicly announce my complete and utter downfall into the fabby fab world of Gossip Girl. That's right. I love it. I decided that it was okay to come out of the (Upper East Side) closet after falling upon Tara Mark's blog and happily discovering that she, too, would pretty much die under the smouldering gaze of Chuck Bass. I am happily going out with an amazing boyfriend, but DUDE. I do some serious swooning anytime Chuck comes out in another amazing outfit and does that Chuck look of firey goodness. (Sorry Bryan, you're still my favorite).

One of the main reasons that I obsess as I do over a television show whose morals are about as paper thin as its plot is Blair frickin' Waldorf. First of all, Blair is the pinnacle of clothing perfection. I may have bought a red headband with a bow on it with her in mind - yet I still want MORE. Also, I love love love all her "Breakfast at Tiffany's" episodes.

If that wasn't enough, I'm overjoyed to hear that the actresses who play Blair and her super boring gal-pal Serena are making an appearance on 30 Rock (ANOTHER show that I love) as Liz Lemon's high school classmates. JOY!


  1. I love your new glasses!
    Did you get them at Visionary Optical?

  2. no she didn't (sorry, I should have let you answer that emma dear), but I did! I love that place (when they have sales...)!