Thursday, December 31, 2015


In the last couple days, thanks to some much needed encouragement from Bryan, I started working on a little experiment to see where I could take my art and technique next year. Since this is a pretty big challenge for me (I get pretty set in my ways) I decided to make it something FUN and draw my girls Sailor Moon and Luna having a heart to heart.

Do you want those tattoos now? I do. Anyway, I'm happy with how this turned out and it's making me feel like I can start the year off fresh and new.

Yesterday I was lying in bed, thinking about the year that just passed by and realized that maybe it seemed so quick because SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENED. We had visitors, we made visits, we planned a wedding, I turned 30, I got a new job, I worked my butt off on freelance, I saw Coach Taylor on the street, etc etc etc

(the Kyle Chandler sighting was, seriously, the highlight of my year. Sorry, new husband, you'll be replaced soon with America's Favorite Coach Dad Police Officer)

Here, have a giant dump of photos of Things that Happened This Year.

discovered my new favorite donut spot / made valentines stickers

visited the getty / started trying on wedding dresses

traveled to Minnesota for the wedding, reunited with favorite people & places & beers

Marriage'd!!! Go check out our photographer, Jonny Edwin

saw so many lovely friends & family in from out of town that I lost count

went on lots of LA adventures. LAdventures?

 spent a lot of time making masks and gifs for Halloween

Saw the releases of a couple books with illustrations by me: Crocodile's Burp, Leopard's Snore &  How to Break A Heart

Celebrated Thanksgiving in Ohio &  Michigan. Celebrated Christmas in Minnesota.

Celebrated 30 inside of a photobooth at the Little Tokyo shopping center with some of my special babies.

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