Friday, February 21, 2014


I always try to have some fun personal work going on so I can take a break from freelance and rest my noggin. This time around I decided I wanted to work on character design, mostly just so that I could draw some kicky tweens in cute clothing! Will someone let me go shopping for their middle school aged child? Seriously, H&M and Steven Alan have some PRETTY CUTE stuff right now. I love a good combo of cute & tomboyish.

Also it snowed a TON and now I am the saddest snowbunny.


  1. Lots of snow and mighty winds here...I love the quietness of winter...Love your illustrations...CK

  2. so sweet! i'd pay to have some illustrations done of my kids.

    1. Hey girl!!! E-mail me if you'd like some portraits done in the future! I'd love to do that :D