Thursday, January 30, 2014

play with magic

Britt Sabo (MCAD whatttuppp) and Victoria Grace Elliot are my heroes this week. These are the ladies running the Witchsona tumblr, which exists purely so that nerds like me can draw themselves as a witch and put it somewhere. 

So here's my witch! She only wears black Jeffery Campbell boots, puts cell phone charms on her broom and has a black goose familiar named Walter Gropius who helps her suss out gems and minerals for her collection. Essentially she is living my dream life.

There have been SO MANY good witchsonas so far, but I managed to collect a few of my faves. NACHO WITCH YOU GUYS.

haha also don't hate me but I kind of love that Katy Perry Grammy performance. YOU HATE ME NOW I KNEW IT.


  1. yeah man I dont know whats happening but I guess after nearly ten years of resistance katy perry is breaking me down and I'm starting to like her LOLOL

    but im going to commencing SCREAMING AT THESE WITCHES!!! AHHHH I WANT TO DRAW ONE!!!!

    1. we're getting soft in our old age I guess (jkjkjkjkjk)

      PLEASE PLEASE draw one!!! I would love to see your witchsona.