Wednesday, September 25, 2013

table setting

Hooray! I've finished up another project from the freelance files that I can now show to you. The Heavy Table is my go to blog for all things food related in the Twin Cities - I trust their opinion dearly, going so far as to order the flavor of ice cream they liked from the ice cream place around the corner. They're also behind so many exciting food related projects, the most recent one being the Secret Atlas of North Coast Foods. It was already fully funded on Kickstarter (woo!) when I got the call to supply some spot images of random foods found all across this fair land. 

 In the book these babies will probably be black and white, but I find it easiest to start in color and adjust the greyscale after everything is all finished up. Does that sound crazy? It sounds crazy now that I'm typing it.

Whatever, HANDS IN THE AIR DON'T CAREEEE (insert appropriate emoji here). How about you just enjoy this sampling of some of the images that I included on my website and buy that dang book as soon as it's out! And then hire me to make some food illustrations for you, because IT IS SO FUN.


  1. LOVE. Sad they won't be in colour. Can't wait to see them in context!

    1. Thanks!! I know, I'm bummed too - although there's a chance some of them will be, and they might show a few on the website too!