Wednesday, October 3, 2012

year of the snake

When it comes to fate I only choose to believe when it is convenient. Like how over the weekend I happened to find myself at a giant circus themed dance night to celebrate the birthday of a friend - there were clowns (ick), people on stilts (more ick) and... SNAKES. Ahhhhh snakes, my childhood love. I wanted to study reptiles for the longest time, until I found out that drawing was a little more easy.

Anyway, the very next day I got a text from my brother introducing me to the newest member of his household. Severus is 4 months old, and EVERSO darling. So I drew him, because why not?

BONUS: here's some of the elements, before I scanned them in... plus something from a planned future piece:

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  1. This is awesome! I love snakes too. My very first show and tell in kindergarten was an awesome gold snake bracelet that I LOVED! I had a ball python named Legs for a while that I adopted from my sister in law. Snakes are still one of my favorite animals!