Sunday, March 25, 2012

you teach me and i'll teach you

Omanyte, GO!

Remember that post I made awhile back about the AMAZINGLY COOL Pokemon: Battle Royale show I get to participate in this April? Well lookie here, folks - my final Omanyte has surfaced! I'm pretty happy with it - I tried a few new techniques for this piece and had an absolute blast! It's also inspired me to keep drawing from the nerdy things I love, so you can expect to see more where this came from in the future!

If you want to know more about my little darling poke-man, check out Omanyte on the Bulbapedia (yes, this is a real website!).

Gotta catch 'em all!!!!!


  1. It's so cute! I remember having to watch that show with kids I babysat and I totally got into it! Gotta catch em all!

  2. I especially love the greens he sits atop of. So lush and detailed!