Saturday, January 7, 2012



Hello 2012! I like new years - everything feels fresh and special. My only big resolution is to (for the first time in my life) be able to comfortably touch my toes. I know, I'm shootin' for the stars. Daily yoga should do the trick, although the whole "do it every day" thing is difficult for me unless it involves sleeping or eating. Is there some sort of cupcake yoga I could do?

I'd like to start documenting my outfits better, and maybe even venture out into the wild for photos. Posting sketches and more art would be nice, too. Does my blog have more resolutions than I do? That would be silly.

Here are two outfits from 2012 - my new years eve getup and an attempt at being a girl who can pull off long dresses and skirts.

jacket: forever 21
necklace: vintage
dress (actually a nighty, don't tell anyone): target
booties: bcbg, nordstrom rack

cardigan & scarf: hand me down
dress: anthropologie (I went in to see if I could say 'hi' to Maggie, and though she wasn't there I still bought some stuff...)
shoes: swedish hasbeens


  1. look at you! so beautiful! you are definitely a woman who can pull off long dresses and skirts. and you make me want to be one, too! happy new year!

  2. I love your tree! And the long dress looks amazing. Might have to resolve to try one too this year. Happy 2012!

    Also have to resolve to spell check my comments before posting, harumph.

  3. liking these very much. looking forward to more outfit photos, i love what you put together.

  4. That dress really is to die for Emma. I love the dark stripeys.