Thursday, May 5, 2011

double trouble

time travel

I'll be posting over on the 5x5 blog every couple weeks from now on! You wanna see some vintage Emma artwork? Hop on over there! I can promise it will be funny.

Also - after alllll debate over tattoos and such, I got one today! Except it's obviously not the giant floral honker that I was planning.... it's a tiny anchor! Alli, Katie and our awesome buddy Angie all got together a few weekends ago for Alli's bachelorette party - and we all decided to get anchor tattoos! The four of us have been advice-givers, ear-lenders, picker-uppers, and sexandthecity-watchers for each other for so many years. With Alli getting married and Katie moving out of state and Angie buying a house, the anchor is an awesome reminder that we'll still be there for each other. BARF ATTACK.

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