Thursday, April 14, 2011

self image

good luck

In my quest to discover new photoshop techniques and try new color palettes, I did this illustration! More brush tool fun, lots of texture experiments, tra la la. I'm still not quite happy with that rabbit, though. It looks weird!!

As an artist I've definitely seen myself go though phases of style and inspiration, but I struggle sometimes with what I want my work to look like. It's easy to connect my work to my life, and right now it feels both are sorta in limbo! I want to be able to settle down and really cultivate a certain look... I just don't know what that look is yet. ART, GUYS. IT'S DIFFICULT.

This illustration should be showing up on something fun tomorrow, however. SECRETS!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, Emma! That ribbon is awesome as is the tattoo as is this doily in the background and her freckles, well, and everything else ;) And I would say you already have a certain Emma-Look! Everything about you and how you see the world and what interests you is in your illustrations and that shines through and makes it »Emma«. Oh pathetic ;) but I think, I could identify your illustration in a crowd.
    cheers! Ina :)