Wednesday, March 23, 2011

shoe in

omg, shoes

Last weekend was glorious. There was the outing at the conservatory, and a birthday dinner (salmon! spinach! ravioli! smoothies!) on Sunday..... and also I bought THESE SHOES. They practically sing out "SPRING!!!", don't they?

Well, imagine my surprise, after having tried them on and deciding to get them, when I noticed that the box read "Miss America". That's right. Pageant smiling, tiara wearing, "omg i can't believe i won" face fanning Miss America. Apparently they make shoes now... and dang, I cannot wait to wear these ones.

But hey, what happens when I buy a super springy pair of shoes in anticipation of the snow melting and happiness being restored to the land?

It snows again. Thanks a lot, Minnesota.


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  1. hehe that is so funny that they make shoes. They are really cute though!!! ^.^