Tuesday, March 8, 2011

finishing touch


I finished up that illustration - and boy, does it look different than it did when I posted it last! This was definitely an experiment in using the brush tool in photoshop. (Get ready for a few boring sentences about Photoshop) Believe it or not, I normal only use the pencil tool in my illustrations, I like the hard edge it has and the options it gives as far as grabbing a shape with the magic wand tool and moving it around. This time I made sure I had the sketch down pat before going in and doing the linework and fills and whatnot. It was a lot of fun!!!

This is also fufills one of my to-do's for the year: using a new color palette! I may or may have not stolen it from Kanye's Runaway music video. Don't tell.

Also I really really really REALLY!!!! want a floppy black felt hat, but I'm afraid that (like the suspenders, tassle top, and hoodie that had this weird wrap around attached scarf) I only like floppy hats in theory... and if I buy one it will sit in my closet until my boyfriend makes fun of me for never wearing it and I either try to sell it at Buffalo Exchange or drop it off at MCAD's free shelf. I think I'm overthinking this.

(left to right: floppy hat that i can't find anymore from sportsgirl, burnt orange hat (only $20!) from amazon, camel felt floppy hat from topshop)

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