Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dog days


oh hello, blog. This update is mostly for my buddy Chance, who informed me that he finds babies entirely too scary and didn't like seeing one at the top of the page. SO! Here's some recent artwork, and a list of other recent things:

linzer stars: complete!1292457327085

eating: sparkling linzer stars which I made to bring to the paper bicycle cookie trade.... but then the sky opened and dropped all snow in existence onto Minnesota, so I turned into a little weekend hermit and ate them all myself.

wearing: this great vintage poncho which will eventually have to be better photographed, although it's too cold for me to wear it as my coat. It will probably make an appearance in Spring.

listening to: the oddest combination of Bing Crosby christmas music, Savage Love podcasts, Warpaint, and... Kanye (SHUT UP I know I know. But I can't help it! I'm watching that half hour long Runaway video right now and I love it. SHUT UP!!)

watching: Boardwalk Empire. It's seriously so amazing. Just... watch it.

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  1. omg i havent watched boardwalk empire yet!!! i am glad you are recommending it, because I wasnt sure if it would turn out to be good or just pretty.