Saturday, August 7, 2010

reading rainbow

I actually took pictures for the report card, but those will be uploaded later - today I woke up late (8:42!! a luxury), lounged in bed and drank coffee and read some new-to-me blogs (or, as bryan just referred to them, "your damn bloogs") that I am 100% crushing on. Examples:

big bang studio belongs to lily stockman, and chronicles her life as an artist and a traveler of the US - she's going on a monthlong vacation with her husband and dogs in a totally sweet Scamp trailer that they fixed up. Her version of the desert gets me all "i want to go to there", and her recipes have made me famished.

How is it that I have gone all my blog reading life without knowing about sweetfineday? I spent an entire morning last weekend going through backlog after backlog of posts about food (jenna's husband is a baker and ice cream maker and delicious looking lemonade concocter), her adorable kids (and that's a compliment... as I generally do not find any child adorable), and her life in NYC (jealous beyond belief).

Did you know that I like comics? Okay, I only read them occaisonally (am still working on getting that last Scott Pilgrim!), but Hark, A Vagrant is my #1 fave right now. Kate Beaton writes comics about history, literature, LOST, Canadians (she is one), apathetic crime solving teens, and so much more! And they're all funny.

What are you reading?

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  1. Questionable Content always appeals to the thinly-veiled hipster in me, and Cat & Girl is really a good one too!
    Also did you get a new header? I like it!