Saturday, August 14, 2010

poster child

poster mania!

No report card this weekend, namely because someone kept someone else up all night on thursday because of a storm.. (I'll give you a hint: it was me) and thus Bryan and I were extra tired on Friday night. We got some pizza and made some drinks and watched the last two episodes of season two of the Wire. (SIDE NOTE: How can a show simultaneously make me so excited to watch more and depressed about the characters that I know will probably die? ITS SO GOOD WATCH IT NOW).

But LAST WEEKEND my wonderful friend Bill and I printed some posters for an upcoming poster show that we are participating in. I've actually only silk screened once before in my life, and that was my senior year of HIGH SCHOOL and it was really only one color.... so this was quite a new experience! It was so much fun though.

poster mania!poster mania!

poster mania!

poster mania!

Poster Offensive!

p.s. if you a givin' kind of person, we've got a kickstarter page where you can pledge some $$$ towards our show - and get a poster back! Also, if Bill and I manage to sell enough posters to break even on what we spent on supplies, I plan on donating my half to the gulf coast. YEAH!