Wednesday, May 12, 2010


thanks aunt pinkey

I decided to draw my lovely aunt & uncle a digital thank you note, since I've been so set on experimenting in photoshop. I can't tell you how many times I started, stopped, erased everything and started again. Does this happen to you? One of the great evils of the digital "canvas" (blerg, that sounds really lame) is the ease in which you can just start all over again. But I ended up figuring a lot of cool techniques out, and I'm SO happy with the end results. At the beginning of this year I told myself I'd stop drawing so many cute girls, but one more can't hurt... right?

The apartment decorating kick is still going strong as well. I've been scouring etsy for vintage glass display cases like this one from two art director's amazingly well curated shop. Other thoughts have involved hanging small plates above the stove and making some art for above the bed. Who knows if any of this will actually get done.


  1. that really is the sweetest drawing. how did you get the textures?

  2. Emma, this is so good! I adore these shadows on the dress.

    Actually I love the easiness of working digital and being able to erase, rework everything and still be able to go back. I tend to experiment more when I have the safety of my protocol and layers. Once I worked analog again (after a long time working digitally), I erased something and suddenly I was well aware of the missing Apple+Z in real life. It was sooo frustrating to really have lost the drawing by erasing *lol*

  3. Oh my gosh, Ina, I totally did! It definitely inspired me, too.

    hellojenuine: I also used some free "paint" brushes I downloaded somewhere off the internet and used a base color and a lighter and darker version of the base color on one shape in a sort of... splotchy manner.

    That doesn't make any sense, does it?