Sunday, December 20, 2009

waiting line

I want to do the portrait in photos that alli did, but I need time to plug in my hard drive and really sift through my old stuff. So until then, a few things. (p.s. this is hello emma's 200th post, i think?)

I am 100% obsessed with Rifle Paper Co, a fab stationary & print company run by wife Anna Bond and husband Nathan Bond. Anna designs, Nathan manages, I drool. The colors used really make me want to stop writing this blog post and draw more, but alas - I will not. I do plan on buying things from them and adding Anna to my list of most favorite artists.

My other most recent favorite artist is Sofia Arnold, a fellow midwestern (holla atcha, wisconsin!) artist whose sketches and silkscreens make me die on the inside, they're so lovely! As a person who loves making tiny little marks on paper, I find her mark-making enviable.

hello this is a screenshot of hello this is my shop

I'm also going to TRY to start putting more things into my shop. It's more of a "here is a goal, now make the art." rather than a "i will make so much money from this endeavor."


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