Sunday, December 13, 2009

color by number

I don't use colored pencils in my usual work, but if I had 500 GORGEOUS colored pencils like these ones from Social Designer, I might have to. Like it's (just a little) less cool "of the month club" brothers, with 500 Pencils you get a set of 25 colored pencils once a month for 20 months, leaving you with the most complete spectrum of pencils I've ever seen.

There are also FOUR DIFFERENT display cases that make the pencils lust-worthy decorations, too. I'd go for the "Aurora" myself, but they all look good. Also, they have some real sweet names like Tragedy, Rhett Butler, and Golden Festival Screen.

Okay, I'll stop salivating now.

julep, plum pudding, and toucan


  1. These pencils really do have some fantastic names -- some of them make me quite hungry. I'd be fascinated to see what the whole picture looks like once some pencils start to be used more than others and wear down. I'd be afraid to try that myself.

  2. What an amazing idea! I want someone to get me a pencil of the month membership.