Friday, November 20, 2009

wishful thinking

I recently joined and proceeded to freak out about how I'm spending my money (stop going out to eat! try to drive less! you can get about five coffees a month!), so instead of shopping like I want to, I'll wait till next month and save up for presents.

But there are two new favorite things that I can celebrate in the meantime. And thus, welcome to my little blog's newest feature:


socksnew table

Who doesn't love a good pair of wooly socks? After discovering a great second hand store in St. Paul called Practical Goods, I am now the happy owner of this oatmeal colored pair. They are perfect for keeping my tootsies warm whilst sleeping, or wearing with my boots & some leggings to work.

We also recently acquired this new, better looking coffee table. The old one (beautiful as it was) we got by a dumpster (1) wasn't in the best condition and (2) was a lighter colored "wood" than the rest of our furniture. So out it went, and in came the NEW TABLE. After stripping the inserts of their original, terrible blue faux-mosaic contact paper, Bryan spray painted them white and they look FAB. Now I just have to never spill anything ever again.

What little new acquisitions are you celebrating?


  1. DAMN IT WOMAN. What did you do with the old one? It better have been craigslisted for bucks, cause I wanted it.
    Well, i love you anyhow.

  2. lovely socks! great color. i must check out that store!

    when i was in kansas city this august i bought a BEAUTIFUL scale at an antique store. i guess it's a scale for weighing dry goods? or... fruit/veggies? COULDN'T RESIST, i love it. it holds my perfume in my room. somewhat useless, but it makes me so happy to look at it every day. haha, this description needs a photo. COMING SOON.

  3. oh hey, you're a designer? What type? samesie.. although i do products so i am not sure if it is the same..

    and i like your header, it's heaps simple and cute.

    nice to cycberly meet you!