Friday, July 24, 2009



you guys, I have a problem. And that problem is dresses. I buy them, a lot. I don't wear them often. THIS IS A BAD HABIT. So in order to justify my addiction, I'm going to post a few photos of dresses I've acquired and haven't worn a lot yet.

the russian dress!the russian dress!

I got this fab-o dress at the Fake Target Salvation Army in downtown MPLS. This place is AWESOME. They get all these donations from Target headquarters and price 'em at thrift store prices! I got this dress purely because it kinda looks like the De La Renta that The Russian gives Carrie in Sex and the City. OH MAN.

sequin dress!sequin dress!

This garage sale dress is a leetle big, but was SO worth it - and I think it looks okay with a belt? Anywho, it has tons of sequins which I think is worth it. WHERE IS A FANCY DINNER PARTY WHEN I NEED ONE?!

cornflower dress!cornflower dress!

My most recent acquisition, from the Mall of St. Paul - I actually bought it today during their 15% off sale (Twin Cities residents: It's going on all weekend! GOGOGOGO!!) Where was this dress all summer? It is perfect. I'm imagining I'll be wearing it a tonnnn.

What can I do to break the cycle? HELP!!


  1. I am in lust with your pink dress.

  2. That cut out on the second dress is just perfect!!

  3. OH EM GEEEE, I think lots of girls have your same problem, including me of course!!! And if I EVER find a better way to keep myself from buying every cute dress in sight, I will definitely tell you ALL ABOUT IT. Until then, we will just have to keep buying-purging at buffalo exchange-buying more. as per youj.

    ps: maybe we should have a fancy party soon? Dinner party??? I need an excuse to wear some fancier dresses too.


  4. I have the same problem. Except the dresses I have are mostly too fancy to wear on a normal day. And I love them all so much.

    I agree with alli -- you should invent a reason to wear them if you don't already have one. Because they're way cute and look good on you. Sometimes, it's just your responsibility to litter the world with cuteness.

    P.S. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, because I love yours. :)