Friday, June 19, 2009



I'm on the job these days working at my alma matter's pre-college program, making sure the kiddies don't do anything bad. tonight we're showing them Blade Runner and in all our excitement Bryan and I couldn't help watching the making-of documentary this morning.

Blade Runner is kind of a magical film because it is a great examples of many art forms: film, music, art, fashion, etc. I've been scouring the web for examples of the logos and sign design used in the film (there are thousands) but of course, I couldn't find anything.

The fashion from Blade Runner, however, is EVERYWHERE. The character of Rachel has always been my favorite, her hair and makeup and clothing is so great. And, of course, there have been numerous photo shoots and fashion collections inspired by her look - like the one above from Vogue in April 2009. Who would have known that giant shoulders combined with that classic 'do could look so good?

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