Saturday, June 27, 2009

buy buy birdie


After realizing all of our recent purchases for the shop had a primary color theme, Alli and I thought it only fitting to have a little red balloon photoshoot! We had a LOT of fun and there are tons of cute things to check out.

But also I am obsessed with etsy swimsuits, and am too chicken to buy one because (1) what if I cannot swim in it (vintage swimsuits are sometimes made out of unswimmable materials!) and (2) WHAT IF IT DOESN'T FIT?!?!?! Perhaps in a few paychecks time I will man up and buy one. In the meantime, here: reap the benefits of my doubts:

from Little Girl Vintage & blu bird boutique

both suits from FireGypsy Vintage


  1. Cute photos - and yes buying (any) swimsuits online is so tough for fit. I have before, 3 times unlucky and only once get a good fit cutie. It's best to try when shops take returns or the price on the item is low.

  2. oh, or it something you can relist for the same price. :-)

  3. oh those last two definitely look like theyre made of swimable materials, though!