Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a december to-do list

This year I have decided to get into the "Holiday Mood" early, so that when I go home I will be prepped and it won't feel like Christmas came and went. I'm not a particularly religious person, but I love the holidays because they mean things like parties and presets and food and warm fuzzies. Mostly food though. But here are some things I think I should do before December ends:

+Make more Christmas presents. It's the trend this year, after all.
+Buy something sparkly and something with a bow on it to wear to our annual Birthmakhus party. (which I need to plan, eff!)
+Watch the following movies: Nightmare Before Christmas, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, & Meet Me in St. Louis.
+Avoid "A Christmas Story" like the plauge. I CANNOT STAND THIS MOVIE.
+Make linzer sanwiches. (pictured above)
+Concoct a holiday cocktail.
+Illustrate my own holiday card.

What are your holiday to-dos?


  1. those cookie sandwiches look delicious.

  2. We should definitely figure out a time for Birthmakkus. Scott's exact words last night were as follows: "when are we going to that awesome holiday party? I'M IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD."