Sunday, October 26, 2008

can we talk?

let's talk about one of my current favorite illustrators right now: Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch. He has a sweet name, which is not the only reason I like him, but it does help in my belief that with a sweet name you can go far. And I happen to like my name. There is a quality in his work that I feel like I've been striving towards ever since I got to Minneapolis and realized that maybe I wasn't so into anime*. It's loose and free, but it never feels like it loses its focus. The colors are always fantastic - and I admire a person who can use black so successfully. It's also the mark-making. I've been sooo frickin' into mark-making for the past few years, and this guy has it DOWN. The danger behind mark-making is that it can get too ornamental, but when done right it can be sweet and meaningful.

Boring story short, this is a talented person that is getting the recognition (err, from real magazines and such, not from me) he rightfully deserves.

Also, the new Spyhouse is possibly better than the old one. BLASPHEMY?

(*: Embarrassing but true fact: emma brown trithart was into the animes & the mangas & such. This will be discussed at a later date)

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  1. OH MY GOD. Back in the day, I used to babysit for a boy named Maxwell Hirsch. WEIRD. His sister was named Lauren, and she always made me read that Sendak book with the naked kid in it and she would point at his little penis and be like, "WHAT'S THAT" even though she totally knew what it was. And their mom paid me a lot and once caught me eating their ice cream out of the carton.
    THE END.