Tuesday, August 12, 2008

new aquisition!

I was way bummed out because I was totally going to go to beaver island this weekend and then all this stuff came up (including me getting a job, which is good) so then I couldn't go. And I was bummed! Seriously, seriously bummed. And the bumitude must have had some serious bummed-out waves or something, because my fantastically intuitive boyf caught on and was all "you wanted to go to stillwater, lets go on monday."

so we did.

And it was super fun! I had never been before, but it is adorable and my dream come true - 3 floors of antiques shopping!! Goodness gracious. Pictured above is the necklace I bought there, a sweet "horn" necklace that you can get at urban outfitters for probably $20, but I got for $5 at the midtown antiques mall. Glorious!

Today I became curious about the story of the horn necklace, and low and behold! The internet, being the beautiful invention it is, gave me answers! Apparently most horn necklace designs stem from an Italian tradition. Horns were associated with this sweet mood Goddess and were used to ward away the EVIL EYE!! Wouldn't that be nice if my necklace warded away any evil eyes cast in my direction? Lord knows I get enough from my friends. (JK GUYS)

here's more info on the necklaces.

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  1. HI!! i'm so happy you started a blog, you know i love blogs. haha. okay. cool. LINKEDDDD. the blogosphere just got way cooler!! more blogs to read, yeahhhhhhh