Thursday, August 14, 2008

dream dream dream

I think one day I would like to be a fantastic illustrator of maps. My first attempt at such a feat is availabe for viewing on my website, but it's just not that great. I want to be better than that - I think I need to work with more colors in order to convey the vibrancy of the place I'm depicting, and I definitely need to work on the whole "here are the streets" thing.

Artists I look up to on the topic at hand:

lena corwin, better known for her work in prints and a new book thats come out with her lovely name on the cover.

mariko jesse - beautiful traditionally rendered maps. So many colors!

Last, but not least, the completely infallible and flawless M. Sasek - creator of the vintage classics in the "This Is.." series. While not a map, this is exactly the kind of personality of a city that I'd love to be able to capture. SIGH, MAYBE SOMEDAY!

In completely unrelated news, after having paged through all my issues of domino, I have come to decide that I either want to just make my own headboard or become rich and buy this bed from anthropologie. No CB2 or Pottery Barn for me - even though I'd take on of those perfectly tufted bedframes in a second if offered. Don't get me wrong!!


  1. I completely agree! I was looking at the same bed frame!

    Please say hi next time, I promise that I'll say hi back! I miss your shinin' face! Would you like to do something soon? Coffee? Tea? Drawing?