Tuesday, June 17, 2014

post haste

I'm kicking myself for not posting this sooner (or just in general not posting enough), but guess what? You can totes McGoats buy cards with my art on them from Postable.com! AHHH this website is seriously the cutest - you can either order a box set of cards and address them the old fashioned way OR write a card via their website and they'll send it for you! So handy!

Yes, this would have been more handy if I had posted this BEFORE father's day (see below) but I was off to Michigan to celebrate my brother's lovely lady's bachelorette party for the weekend. This, by the way, was terribly fun. I consumed... shall we say... a few shots.

BUT NO MATTER. If you have some card sending needs (maybe you forgot to send a father's day card?) check out Postable! 

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