Thursday, May 8, 2014

in the pink

Yes, the requisite amount of time has past for step one of my hair cycle (the love it would never change it step) and I am now onto step two: oh my god I need change right now. Thanks to some particularly large monetary setbacks (turns out moving across the country and starting over again in los angeles is SPENDY) I'm not in a place where a big change is possible.... but a girl can dream right?

ABOUT PINK HAIR. YEAH, I know, I'm cray. Shouldn't I have gotten the crazy hair feels out of my system by 23? I did dye my hair jet black in college but we never speak of that. And here I am at 28, totally jonesing for some sweet pastel pink hairs ala Alyssa over at xovain. That color! Such perfection. Alas, I have the darkest of dark hair and to get that sort of pink I'd probably have to fry my hair up with something bleach-y first. 

Also that has to be expensive to keep up with, right? Especially for people like me that don't trust themselves with an at-home dye kit.

Instead I'm going to save my pennies and work on mermaid hair (aka no haircuts) and then splurge on some pink ends like Diane Kang, super hair goddess, did. My ends are mostly already lighter, so it shouldn't be as intense as going pink all over... plus if I end up realizing the error of my ways I can just chop it off! 

I will keep you updated, dear blog. 


  1. Do it do it do it! Gosh you make me want pink hair. Save up, treat yoself, etc etc.

  2. I did this once (not the all over -- i'm a dark brunette, too. but the ends)! And now your post is tempting me to do it again! I can't imagine a better summertime hair situation.

  3. Omg Emma we can TOTALLYYY DO THIS. You just need your ends to be a wee bit brighter blonde, and then paint on the pink! ITLL BE SO CUTE YOU HAVE TO DO IT! Plus, I am all for the idea of doing everything emo that you didnt get to do in your early twenties in your late twenties/early thirties. I will be getting an armful of tattoos, you do pink hair, and Alex can get a new pair of skinny jeans (thats as far as he rolls, man). Then we can eat cupcakes and drink vodka out of paper cups in the middle of the night! Sounds fun right?? I sound crazy.