Friday, August 23, 2013

full moon

Okay children of the VHS era. (and beyond, I suppose), how many of you had a movie that you always put on when you stayed home sick from school? Like chicken noodle soup and a couch full of blankets, it's something comforting that you know you can count on when you feel like crap.

The NeverEnding Story was definitely my sick movie. My mom probably realized that it had the great combo of being long for a children's movie, excitement, fun creatures, and a pretty princess. What else do you need?! That's all I could think about when the Silver Screen Society asked me if I'd do a piece based on the movie for this month's series. Sorry Atreyu & Artax, I know you guys are the tops but the Childlike Empress is totally my jam. I mean, just look at this shot from her set. THAT DRESS. I die.

I also sized this piece so you can print it out and use it as a BOOKMARK. OOOOH, AHHH! Just in case, you know, you want to go out and read the book version. Download the hi-res bookmark file here.

Since it's Friday and maybe you need some tunes to jam out to, here are a couple songs I listened to in order to get into the Moonchild state of mind.

clogs - cocodrillo

the dirty projectors + björk - on and ever onward

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