Tuesday, June 18, 2013

pattern pals #6: abstract

Maybe you've noticed, but Katie and I haven't posted a new pattern pals in awhile. We went on a little hiatus, but I'm happy to say WE HAVE RETURNED. On the same day as the new Kanye album comes out - coincidence? Yes, but let's pretend that it's not.

This time around for a theme we unwittingly gave ourselves a challenge: abstract! I am always admiring the simple shapes and texture patterns that textile artists create. But it turns out that is easier admired than done. I played around with about five million variations of patterns before I settled on this one. They kinda look like fancy bon bons, don't they? Katie's is a great compliment to it, like freshly cut grass.

As per usual, here are some free wallpapers: iphone / ipad / tile for desktop

And! It's also available as an iphone case over on my very dusty and unused Society6 page!

Next up: the corresponding dream outfit. This one is an early summer, window shopping, iced coffee celebration of the fact that it hasn't rained for TWO DAYS here in Minnesota. That's right, we dumped the snow and almost instantly fell into a rainy spell. Portlandians, I don't know how you do it. 

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