Friday, February 8, 2013

gem is my name

all images in this post were found on mineralists

So I was really into rocks when I was little. This, of course, was the natural progression from when I loved dinosaurs when I was even younger - I mean, fossils are rocks, and oh look! There are all these other crazy cool rocks out there! In my memory my entire 4th grade class was obsessed with rocks and we would trade them and stuff, but that might just be me trying to reconcile that I am forever a huge dork.

Anyway, I've taken a liking to these crazy contraptions of nature again - although unfortunately this time around my interests lay more in the aesthetic than the scientific. I need a quick crash course in minerals so I don't feel completely fake about it. Anybody wanna teach me rocks?

In the meantime I've started following mineralists on tumblr. They have the most amazing selection of rock photos from all sorts of sources around the globe, all labeled and linked back to to the source if possible! If you're also into "gems" (gems are the new cats, doncha know) I'd hiiiihgly recommend following these guys.

Here are some of my recent faves. That smokey quartz/black specularite up on the top left is my all time most wanted.

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