Friday, September 23, 2011

film club

canterbury park
leaving canterbury park 

 In the middle of the summer, Alli lent/gave me a silly lil' point and shoot Olympus Accura and I have been so happy with my newfound camera phone alternative! I'm not photographer, but I think some of these give a pretty good representation of my summer. Hopefully I'll get the same results for fall... although I'll also hopefully master how far away I need to be from someone's face for them to be in focus. I think there are about 8 photos with blurry faces!

box fan summer

Aug11-14elko trader's market 
RA's last breakfast / Alli at the flea market

canterbury park 
canterbury park fashion

reptile show 
my favorite part of the state fair that i've never been to

the pickle rock
Bryan shows concern at the pickle shaped rock Alli got for her birthday


  1. I love how film captures photos and moments. I feel like with digital cameras, we are so used to taking pictures and deleting the ones that don't suit us, but with film, it is what it is. love these photos.

  2. Thanks!! I totally feel you on the film vs. digital. I want all film from now on... although I know that my iphone won't have it that way, since it sort of runs my life ;D ;D ;D