Saturday, June 26, 2010

summer school

If you're wondering what I have been doing with my summer, here is your answer:

1) First I started a new job, which is great although they use PC's and I am getting used to doing all my Photoshop & Illustrator key commands with the Control button instead of the Apple button. I feel my poor laptop whimpering at the mere thought of it.

2) For about month I'm also working my once-a-year summer job at my old college, keeping an eye on high school students who stay in the dorms for a couple weeks and get a taste of what art school might be like. I love this job everso much, as it mostly entails hanging out with my friends, playing four square, and making art. (p.s. do you know -or are you- an artsy high schooler between the ages of 16-19 who would like to stay at a sweet art school for two weeks with like-minded high schoolers? SEND THEM TO SUMMER EXPRESSIONS SESSIONS aka SES!)

The weather has also been crazygonuts bonkers as of late. There was a flash flood in Minneapolis last night, and if the school wasn't situated at the top of a hill we probably would have been SUBMERGED.

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