Thursday, January 14, 2010

snowed in

no mo sno

I've been lucky enough to have some amazing teachers throughout my life. James O'Brien certainly changed the way that I thought about making art digitally when I was in his class, but ever since finding his blog, which is chock full of tips and techniques, he's been influencing me THROUGH THE INTERWEBS!

This new piece I made using a technique James learned from another student of his - draw each individual piece in graphite on some tracing paper, scan them, and piece them together in photoshop! This year I really want to try new styles and new subject matter, so this is part of the "new style" attempt.

Also I do not want it to be snowy anymore. It has gotten slushy and dirty and I'm soooo tired of it. In fact, I find myself dreaming about warm weather that normally makes me sweaty and cranky. What's going on? AM I GETTING OLD?

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  1. I really like the effect that technique creates. I think I may try it in my own work.